Larta Institute CEO Rohit Shukla Advocates for Inclusive Innovation in Congressional Briefing

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Panel Event on Capitol Hill Highlights Benefits of Diversity in Entrepreneurship Washington, D.C. -- March 8, 2018 -- Rohit Shukla, Founder and CEO of the LA-based startup accelerator Larta Institute, [...]


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We mourn the death of John Sorenson, the CEO of Vestaron, who passed away unexpectedly last weekend. This gentle, dignified man was a good friend of Larta’s, specifically in his [...]

Companies Worth Watching: Lucigen acquired by LGC

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“Simplifying Genomics.” In 1998, David Mead founded Lucigen as a spinoff from Promega.  The idea, simple yet potentially disruptive was to develop a diagnostic technology to quickly test people for [...]

How to Sustain Sustainability and Social Good: Larta’s Values

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Social impact, sustainability, corporate social responsibility, and a mission-oriented drive are all being expressed and re-asserted in the American social and economic zeitgeist. It is now not only advisable, but [...]

Lifting as I Climb: Reflections from Within Larta

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This year, Larta made a commitment to being lifelong learners and leaders in innovation and technology. These two “L” words emerged in my involvement with establishing Larta’s Core Values. These [...]

How to be Competitive as a Startup: A Case Study of Mango Materials

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Meet Mango Materials: a woman-founded, woman-led startup launched under IP protection from Stanford University. Mango Materials takes waste methane, one of the most potent greenhouse gases, and turns the gas [...]

Podcast: Media and Mistrust of Science

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Larta Institute just launched its third podcast on Media and Mistrust. Making a case for science and the scientific method, Rohit Shukla urges us to make the distinction between opinion [...]