Larta Recommends: Octane’s Medical Device & Investor Forum, Nov. 2-3

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Medical Technology, increasingly referred to as MedTech, is currently a significant $336.2 billion global sector that is growing by the day. With technology breakthroughs challenging the status quo, it is [...]

$1 Million Nitrogen Reduction Challenge

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We think the talent is in our network to win Tulane University’s Nitrogen Reduction Challenge, which will award $1 million to the team with the best idea to reduce the size [...]

Larta Recommends: AdvaMed & OCTANe

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The healthcare industry has made phenomenal strides over the past two years, especially in regard to medical technology, a sector estimated to be worth $336.2 billion worldwide. In our rapidly evolving [...]

Old friend – Digital Family Reunion

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You might remember Digital Coast Roundtable some years back. The same folks have formed Digital Family Reunion, with the mission to unify Southern California technology and digital media communities. Their [...]

AgTech Week almost here

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AgTech Week is right around the corner, and there’s a lot to report about this exciting event. Global Ag Investing (GAI) and Larta Institute, two thought leaders in ag investing [...]

Want innovative and reliable food news?

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More than 15,000 executives in the food and beverage space stay ahead of the competition by reading the daily digital publication, Food Dive. With regular industry coverage, the news is [...]

All things Ag: AgTech Week, San Francisco, June 22-24

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There has been a huge increase in interest in agriculture, driven especially by the recognition of the role of hardware (read: drones and sensors), data (read: mapping and input data [...]