With the 2017 Ag Innovation Showcase rapidly approaching on September 13, we at Larta Institute have agtech and ag industry disruption on the brain. In anticipation of cutting-edge ag technologies yet to be unveiled, we are taking a look back at some of our Larta portfolio companies who were highlighted for their innovation within the ag industry. These companies are standalone successes in their own right, and have been recognized by Forbes Magazine as among the 25 most innovative ag-tech companies. Read the article here.

Here’s a briefer on the companies below:

Larta Involvement: NSF-CAP1 2010B, Ag Innovation Showcase 2011, USDA-CAP1 2012-2013
Granular is a cloud, mobile, and advanced data science technology platform allowing farmers to prioritize their workforce, monitor profitability, and forecast revenues.

Larta Involvement: Ag Innovation Showcase 2014
mOasis‘ BountiGel is a non-toxic, EPA-certified soil additive that helps growers optimize water resources and improve soil nutrient efficiency to maximize crop yields.

Spensa Technologies
Larta Involvement: Ag Innovation Showcase 2012, USDA-CAP1 2013-2014, NSF-CAP1 2013B
Spensa Technologies integrates hardware and software management technologies to provide smart farm insights for insect, weed and disease control.

Larta Involvement: NSF-CAP1 2011B, Ag Innovation Showcase 2013
TerViva is a startup that transforms distressed agricultural lands into sources of protein and bioenergy with pongamia, a non-GMO tree crop that can be grown with little or no irrigation and produces oilseed that can be processed into biofuel, animal feed, or biomass.

Trace Genomics
Larta Involvement: Ag Innovation Showcase at UC Davis 2017
The Trace Genomics platform is the first microbiome test for the food supply, enabling screening of dozens of disease-causing microbes, and providing a comprehensive overview of the beneficial organisms in the soil.