In March, Larta founder and CEO, Rohit Shukla, was the keynote speaker at the fourth annual LA BioMed Innovation Showcase in Manhattan Beach. The Innovation Showcase featured breakthrough technology presentations and speakers who addressed issues surrounding the commercialization of technology.

Below are a selection of quotes and highlights from Shukla’s keynote address.

On A Scientists’ Obligation:

“If you’re in the sciences, you have a necessary obligation to be simple and to effectively translate to everyone…because of the specific issues that nominate our body politic and the dialogue around the sciences right now. Fact is an option right now and that is not good.”

Shukla kicked off his speech with a rallying call for scientists, advocates of the hard sciences, innovators, and entrepreneurs to advocate for their own innovations and technology. Shukla has long been an advocate for scientists to be their own spokespeople—to not only convey, but to convince the public (of investors, media, and potential consumers) on the impact and value of their innovations.

On Making Networks Work In Los Angeles:

“What is our common goal? To increase the capacity of the LA area in particular. To make this area completely and totally able to not just service every resource that exists in terms of intellectual power, but find a way to connect with each other that enables our companies and entrepreneurs and innovations to find the light of day.”

Shukla urged burgeoning entrepreneurs to consider global opportunities and partnerships, from the start of their commercialization journey and building from their roots in this most global of cities, Los Angeles.

Tips for Entrepreneurs:

When sharing best practices for entrepreneurs, Shukla honed his advice down to four points: trust, implications of research, the inclusion of industry experts, and closing the communication loop.

  1. “Tap into established or emerging networks based on trust. Trust is the most important quality. In a world where there’s no arbitration, in a world where facts become projected by the minute as “facts,” although they are opinions that masquerade as facts. You need to have networks that trust each other, whose members have been able to demonstrate they can impart good and effective strategies.”
  2. “Explore the implications of your research that go beyond the narrow sphere in which you currently reside. Look everywhere—what else could this do? Who else could be interested? Be good translators of your science.”
  3. “Find people with domain expertise. Larta Institute runs the largest commercialization acceleration program in the country for technologies funded by NIH and for life sciences in general. We see roughly 300 companies a year that we accelerate, in a global context and in various areas of innovation—technologies that feed, fuel, and heal the world.”
  4. “When receiving feedback, close the loop. Go back to these same people if you’ve taken their advice—or even if you haven’t—and tell them why. It’s always wonderful to have someone who’s given you feedback feel so satisfied that he or she made a difference in what you’re doing through the feedback they provided.”

Primus Inter Pares:

Shukla closed out his keynote address by paying homage to the City of Angels and innovation:

“Los Angeles has the gene pool of the world—blessed by an extraordinarily diverse population and a tremendous set of research institutions. LA is primus inter pares: the first among equals.”

To hear more best practices for entrepreneurs and the trends on the cutting edge of innovation, listen to Shukla’s keynote below.