In June, the World Pork Expo kicked off in Des Moines, Iowa, and with it came a revolutionary unveiling from one of our Larta CAP companies: Aptimmune Biologics. Aptimmune launched the world’s first commercially available mucosal Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus (PRRSV) for swine, administered via nasal spray.

Aptimmune’s first-of-its-kind technology offers a new class of vaccine to combat a devastating and costly disease. Their method is proven to be more effective in vaccinating against PRRSV, due to Aptimmune’s application: rather than traditional means of needle-induced vaccine application, Aptimmune’s approach is to administer the treatment via vaporous nasal spray.

Aptimmune’s intranasal application ensures that the vaccine elicits protective mucosal immunity at the natural point of PRRSV infection. Because of the vaccine’s application, Aptimmune also effectively eases operations on the farm, making swine immunizations less labor-intensive.

Varying features of Aptimune’s novel technology include ensured viral antigen mass in every dose of the vaccine, efficient antigen delivery to the mucosal service using nanoparticle technology, easy updating with varying strains of the PRRSV, and absolutely safety of the product.

“The intent is to create immunity at the respiratory surface, where the pig is naturally challenged. This vaccine offers a real opportunity to address a significant gap in disease control that still exists years after PRRSV was first identified.” says Dr. Bob Nordgren, Aptimmune Biologics Consulting Immunologist.

Aptimmune’s technology presents a remedy to a disease that costs pork producers an estimated $650 million annually. We at Larta Institute look forward to the positive and significant impact that Aptimmune Biologics will continue to have within the agricultural industry.