Larta Institute’s FeedForward™ sessions are private, invitation-only sessions, where portfolio entrepreneurs pitch their 18-month strategic plans to industry and domain experts drawn from Larta’s network. Entrepreneurs receive feedback on everything to do with their business and marketing model, and practical advice on building and operating their companies. As one of Larta’s trademark events, it neatly illustrates our network-centric approach to commercializing early-stage, high-risk companies based in the hard sciences. The experience widens an entrepreneur’s network in a meaningful way.

We owe our Industry Advisory Board network thanks for generously stepping up, once again, as professional mentors for another round of FeedForward™ sessions with our NIH cohort in March. Special thanks to Jim Sergi and Heidi Nelson-Keherly from CSSi LifeSciences for giving a “shout out” to the media for their experience in our FeedForward™ sessions. Their story ran in BioSpace.com.

“During the FeedForward™ Sessions in Irvine, I had the honor and privilege of working alongside some of the industry’s most influential business leaders, executives and accredited investors in the industry,” said Jim Sergi, President of CSSi LifeSciences™. “We all gathered together for the common purpose of guiding and inspiring some of the brightest entrepreneurial minds to help them create a successful future for themselves. I was extremely grateful for the opportunity and appreciate Larta Institute for hosting and inviting CSSi LifeSciences™ to these wonderful events. We look forward to returning in the future!”

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