Barrix 1

2017 started off with a bang at Larta Institute, with Ag Innovation Showcase alumnus Barrix Agro Sciences leading the way.

In January, TIME, Inc. and McKinsey and Company awarded Barrix Agro Sciences the 2017 TIME India Startup Innovator at the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Partnership Summit in Andhra Pradesh, India. A jury of leading business figures from the likes of General Electric, TIME, and ICICI Bank, selected Barrix Agro Sciences from among 18 finalists.

Barrix Agro Sciences’ win as the 2017 Startup Innovator is significant not only for the prestige, but for the purpose. Barrix has designed an effective and eco-friendly alternative method to control pests in the field – significant for many reasons, not the least of which is high pesticide residue levels for farmers in India, which limit agricultural exports.

The small business focuses on research and development of pheromone applications as a means to promote eco-friendly pest control measures for agriculture. Barrix Agro Sciences’ technology supports organic farming, increases crop quality and quantity, and reduces farmer costs otherwise spent on pesticides. The 2017 Startup Innovator Award symbolizes commitment in both small businesses and large publications, like TIME, Inc., to initiate and recognize efforts to improve the world, one small share-holder farmer at a time.

How it works

Barrix produces species-specific insect traps based on the behavior of the insect and its flight pattern. Each trap has pheromones to attract the insects to the trap, which are controlled in a sustained release. The traps relieve farmers’ dependence on topical pesticides.

Barrix Agro Sciences’ vision is to “provide high-performing and outstanding products to humanity through the farmer, thereby increasing the gross domestic product of the world.” Larta Institute, likewise, is committed to assisting companies that not only exhibit exceptional innovations, but are advocates for the well-being of the world.