Larta is excited about our new media partners at The New Economy (TNE). The New Economy is an online and print outlet with a mission that aligns well with our own. They are devoted to science and technology innovation and entrepreneurs. They are known for their coverage of key trends, issues and events in science and technology around the world.

Last August TNE wrote a sterling story, which you can read here, anticipating The Showcase.

TNE producer and videographer, Paul Richardson, covered The Showcase. Paul interviewed many of the leading lights associated with the Showcase at the event, including members of the Advisory Committee, organizers, companies and attendees. We look forward to sharing those videos with you in the coming months.

What’s more, Rohit Shukla’s opinion piece, Embrace the Juggernaut, will be featured in TNE’s issue next month.  It follows innovations in the field, including several from Showcase companies, as they work toward solutions to our biggest crises in food and agriculture.

We will keep you posted!