There’s nothing we love more than spotlighting the successes of companies we have mentored through our Commercialization Assistance Programs, or CAPs as they are known.

Eve Turow Paul from Forbes recently published an article on women in ag who are redefining the industry as a launching pad for solving complex issues in science, technology, sustainability, and ecology.

What’s more, she highlighted four companies that have not only gone through our CAPs, but were also presenting companies at the 2015 Ag Innovation Showcase: Mango Materials, Micronic Technologies, Stony Creek Colors, and Whole Trees were among the women-led businesses featured.

Read below to get a quick refresher on what sets these companies head and shoulders above their peers in the agricultural sector.

  • Mango Materials is a Bay Area-based startup that uses methane, a greenhouse gas, to create bioplastics in a closed loop system.
  • Micronic Technologies, based in Wise County, VA has a technology that can clean waste water into potable water in one pass with no chemicals, filters or membranes.
  • Stony Creek Colors, based in Tennessee, is a sustainable dye company that addresses the value chain from seed to closet.
  • Whole Trees using a lumber industry waste product, and their proprietary engineering software, they sell structural product made of round timber to meet the green construction market’s aspirations and to support healthy forest management.