2016 AIS Infographic (Small)

In 2009 Larta Institute, the Donald Danforth Center and BRDG Park joined forces to launch an unparalleled ag event, known as the Ag Innovation Showcase or, simply, “The Showcase.”

Over the years, our experience working directly with ag companies has paid off in presenting quality entrepreneurs at the Showcase. BRDG Park has itself provided a good number of Showcase presenters. And Danforth’s beautiful venue has underscored the intimacy and community-building of this event. The partners have complemented each other in creating an event that has set the bar for the evolving ag community.

This year’s Showcase promises to reach still higher! See the 2016 agenda here.

Here are the top 10 things about the 2016 Ag Innovation Showcase that keep our loyal community coming back year after year.

  1. Company Showcase. 20 companies with imaginative and novel solutions to real-world ag issues, such as: citrus greening, eliminating greenhouse gas, higher yield for small holder farmers in third-world countries.
  2. Farmers. 4 farmers share their perspective on what innovations they use, what they’d like to see come down the pike and some of the pit falls they see.
  3. Women. 6 women-led companies with new solutions to familiar problems.
  4. Global perspective. 10 international companies will showcase.
  5. California contingent. 4 presenting companies from California, showcasing innovations in water management, citrus greening remediation, greenhouse gas recycling, and traceability of (handpicked) food crops.
  6. Zero Food Waste. A dialogue between a supermarket, a fresh food recycler and an “ugly food” distributor.
  7. A Sneak Peak at the innovation pipeline. 10 very early stage technologies (some of them aren’t even companies yet!), at the University Showcase Spotlight Session.
  8. Lessons learned from GMOs. What gene editing advocates can do to prevent a public drubbing.
  9. Smallholder Farms. Closing keynote presentation on translating science and technology into “developing world” agriculture.
  10. THE DEALS. To date, 83% of our presenting companies found new investor leads, and 97% were introduced to new partnership opportunities.

As if that weren’t enough, we are also offering our Vox readers a 10% discount with the registration code: AIS16TEN