The tremendous outpouring of support for Sandy Hook Elementary School and the Newtown, Connecticut community has served as a grim but important reminder of the violence occurring on a daily basis against children in our own backyard.

An act of abuse or neglect against a child is reported every 3 minutes in Los Angeles.

This holiday season, Larta has chosen to support Children’s Institute. We are kicking off our effort with a $2,000 donation and are asking you, our network, to help us reach our $10k goal.

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Children’s Institute, Inc. (CII) reaches over 20,000 children a year in Los Angeles through an array of programs and activities aimed at combating the negative aftereffects of children exposed, often repeatedly, to violence.

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  • Family Preservation
  • Child Welfare
  • Youth Development
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In my visit to CII headquarters, I got to meet key members of the team and learn more about not only their activities but also the approach that makes this group so unique and effective.  Most impressive was the model of addressing issues, events, situations and the children involved in a multifaceted approach to not only helping a child cope with an incident but to develop out of an at-risk situation toward the path of opportunity and achievement.

CII recognizes that even if the physical bruises or the vivid recollection of an event go away with time, you might still be left with an individual lacking self-confidence, self-respect, self-worth or an understanding of healthy relationships and a healthy lifestyle.  CII programs complement each other and are all about positive personal development, not only to reduce risk factors but to increase protective and promotive factors.

[quote_right]Once the report is taken and the police depart, there is still a family left there, shattered and traumatized by the experience, and this is where CII begins its work.[/quote_right]What does CII’s digital media lab have to do with coping with a tragic event?  You might be surprised at the ability of a self-made movie to restore confidence in a child that has been victimized.  And why send someone out to a volatile household to work not only with a child but the entire family? Because helping a parent can help a child.  The child is always the focus, but we cannot be unappreciative of the outside factors influencing that child.

As a true community partner, CII is committed to being a part of the community they serve.  When the LAPD gets a call for domestic violence with child involved, they call Children’s Institute, whose committed team members who will meet the police at the scene, even throughout the night.  Once the report is taken and the police depart, there is still a family left there, shattered and traumatized by an experience, and this is where CII begins its work.

I can continue on about the astonishing and admirable work done at CII but I will stop now to ask that you, the Larta Network, help and join us in giving back to the Los Angeles community that supported our organization in its infancy.  Your generosity is genuinely appreciated both by Larta and Children’s Institute.

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