The NCET2 Global 1000 is a deal-oriented conference where industry looks to universities, investors and entrepreneurial support organizations for the best tech-based startups they have to offer. We are proud of the 17 Larta alumni selected to present at the last NCET2 Global 1000 Showcase and Conference:

  1. Ames Technology – non-invasive technology to reduce impairment and improve function in highly disabled stroke patients
  2. Aronora – safer antithrombonics without the side-effects of current treatments
  3. Artielle Immunotherapeutics – recombinant T cell technology that can be tailored to treat a wide range of autoimmune inflammatory diseases
  4. Energid Technologies – software, products, and support to solve the most difficult robotics problems
  5. Gamma Dynamics – electrofluidic display technology for various e-Paper applications such as eBook readers
  6. Gamma Therapeutics – biopharmaceutical and diagnostic test solutions for the cardiovascular disease industry
  7. Granite Mountain – horizontal integrated circuit solutions across the complete semiconductor marketplace for multi-synchronous ICs
  8. Graphene Frontiers – chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process production of of graphene for commercial and industrial applications
  9. Najit Tech – safe and effective vaccines against infectious diseases of global importance
  10. NanoVector, Inc. – a patent pending nanoparticle drug delivery system
  11. OmegaChea – sustainable bio-based chemical intermediates for a greener chemical industry
  12. Resensys – cost effective and scalable solution for the real time monitoring of important structural state quantities  such as fatigue cracks
  13. Tangible Haptics – Surface Haptics technology lets you feel what you see on a touchscreen – the snap of a toggle switch, the swipe of a turned page
  14. Tensive Controls – melanocortin-based drugs to treat cachexia
  15. Thalchemy – neurally-inspired algorithms and accelerators to enable continuous sensory processing in smartphones and other battery-operated devices
  16. Thermavant Technologies – embedded “oscillating heat pipes” to make virtually any material of any shape or size to make them “super thermal conductors”
  17. Weinberg Medical Physics – medical devices for compelling clinical indications