Post GMOs at Ag Innovation Showcase highlighted by public radio

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In early summer, when we were adding the finishing touches to the content of the Ag Innovation Showcase, it became clear our network was overdue for a conversation on the [...]

Whole Trees emerges as Best-in-Show at 2015 Ag Innovation Showcase

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      Whole Trees, a company that rebrands round timber for urban and commercial environments in place of steel, won the 2015 Best-in-Show award among 20 presenting companies at [...]

2015 Ag Innovation Showcase Opening Keynote: Sequencing the Food Supply Chain

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A revolutionary initiative to meet tomorrow’s food safety challenges - Perspectives from IBM, Mars, and UC Davis Jeffrey J. WelserVP & Lab Director IBM Research-Almaden David CreanGlobal R&D [...]

Common Thread: USAID’s AgTechXChange and the Ag Innovation Showcase

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With global population estimated to exceed 9 billion people in 2050, it will take a 60% increase in agricultural production, mostly through increases in yield and the use of "smart" [...]

2015 Ag Innovation Showcase Presenting Companies

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Each year, the Ag Innovation Showcase, the premier ag event devoted to innovations in the sector, features the most promising ag start-ups and research projects pursuing solutions in ag-biotech, renewable energy, [...]

In sync with Ag Innovation Showcase

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  We just finalized the list of companies who are presenting and will be sharing presently on our website, blog and social media. Keep your eyes peeled for updated information. [...]

Final call to present at Ag Innovation Showcase

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Presenter applications for the Ag Innovation Showcase are open until June 22nd. The Ag Innovation Showcase is accepting applications to present at this year’s event in St. Louis, MO, September [...]