About Rohit Shukla

Rohit Shukla is chief executive officer and founder of Larta Institute, an internationally-recognized technology accelerator he founded in 1993 to focus on transforming ideas into enterprises that “feed the world, fuel the world and heal the world.” An internationally-recognized thought leader on innovation, commercialization and enterprise- and technology-led economic development, he has written extensively on venture capital, sector-led innovation in wireless, telecommunications and the life sciences, and on entrepreneurship, research-based enterprises, commercialization and government policy.

When Clusters Don’t Suffice, A Networked Approach Answers the Needs of High Growth Entrepreneurs

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It is no secret that entrepreneurship drives economic growth, especially in an economic downturn when job creation is key, thus pushing support mechanisms for high growth entrepreneurs to the forefront [...]

International Commercialization Forum Gathers Thought Leaders to Capitalize on Commercial Potential

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At the 2nd annual International Commercialization Forum in Toronto in March 2010, it was more than heartening to see that the notion of building, cultivating, expanding and incorporating networks into [...]