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Micronics Technologies one of four to win General Electric Statoil of Norway Open Innovation Challenge

I was first introduced to Karen Sorber, CEO of Micronics Technologies, when I facilitated the USDA CATP workshop in DC in March of 2015. Karen was an eager, passionate, expressive participant, frequently interrupting the presenters to make sure she could extract nuggets that were practical and applicable to her company. Then we selected her to present at the Ag Showcase in 2015, at which she was quite a hit, …

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A lull in innovation, or a preoccupation with the next big thing?

Lack of breathlessness. Boredom even. “Same old, same old.” These characterizations of the current environment for the offerings of technology seem to be commonplace. Writing in The Washington Post, for example, Hayley Tsukayama suggests that we may be in “an innovation lull.” Earnest surveys point to the big yawn of boredom from consumers, anxiety about privacy and security, and a scant regard for the continued recycling of …

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Presenting our 2016 GAIN calendar of events

2015 broke all records in AgTech investment and focused attention on issues around agriculture and food. With uncertainty around food production looming in the next few decades and post-GMO technologies taking center stage, agricultural innovation has become as essential to global discussion as our three square meals a day.
To help the ag investment community stay abreast of the current ag issues and innovations, Larta has, with select partners, continued its …

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Alba-Technic, LLC receives $250,000 from Head Health Challenge III

Closing 2015 with a $250,000 award from the Head Health Challenge III and with total research funds exceeding $1.4 million to date, Alba-Technic is a company worth watching.
Alba-Technic’s advanced protection for fall mitigation, SMARTY®, was originally developed for retirement communities to reduce the risk of injury for adults that want to remain active. However the application of this technology and the unmet needs in the marketplace …

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Weather data and accessible technology is the missing link in the ag value chain

aWhere’s John Corbett contributed “Weather data and accessible technology is the missing link in the ag value chain” to our AgShowcase blog today. aWhere, a provider of agricultural intelligence data for farmers, both large and small, was an Ag Innovation Showcase presenting company in 2014. John Corbett joined the “Adaptive Agriculture:Data-driven innovations in the field” panel at the 2015 Ag Innovation Showcase.
aWhere recently announced a …

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The Local Crowd wants to help your community become a crowdfunding demo site

The Local Crowd (TLC), one of Larta’s current portfolio companies (USDA CATP), is a crowdfunding company dedicated to catalyzing rural communities through technology. They have developed and are now testing the impact of their online crowdfunding tool. TLC is accepting applications from rural communities in the U.S. to serve as demonstration sites. The 10 communities selected will receive use of the TLC platform at no charge for …

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Rohit Shukla’s speaks at North State Economic Forecast Conference “The problems are all too real”

Rohit Shukla, Founder and CEO of Larta Institute, was invited to speak at the North State Economic Forecast Conference on January 14, 2016. The annual event is sponsored by the Center for Economic Development at Chico State University.
Rohit welcomed his audience with a photo of earth from space to underscore the vulnerability of our planet. Rohit, who has a unique view of innovation and technology as Larta’s founder and …

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